Palm Beach County Interior Design Inspiration From You

ALT="Debra J Interiors, artwork commissioned in Italy"

Artwork Painted in Niche

There is no better way to get Palm Beach County interior design inspiration than from you, my clients. Being with you in your South Florida home for the first time is my favorite phase of our interior design journey together.

I get to look at your lovely things, and this is the time when I begin to become inspired.

When we agree to work together, I ask for a tour of your home. As soon as I walk into your favorite room, I can tell by your excitement in how you explain things, show me something, entertain me with a story about something you cherish, or a treasure you found my happenstance.

You see, interior design is much like building a relationship. I outfit my creativity and inspiration with stories from you. If we’re building a friendship, we tell stories, too, right?
I do much the same. Little by little, I build upon my creative instincts with your favorite things.

Palm Beach County Interior Design Inspiration

You might show me a gorgeous piece of commissioned art, or a full collection of artwork that has been passed through the family. In this image with my standard poodle showing the ornate foyer with grand artwork, the homeowner and I traveled to Italy to commission a painter to copy one of the Renaissance artist’s pieces. It was such an incredible experience; one I will never forget. I guarantee that my client will never forget that occasion, either.

ALT="Debra J Interiors, Palm Beach County custom bedding"Besides artwork, some people love lush fabrics, and others have beautiful rugs.

As I look around your home, I also listen for the excitement in someone’s voice. Sometimes I get a story about a Persian carpet that an uncle brought from Iran folded up in a large suitcase. They turn over the fringe so I can see the hand sewing on the back showing its authenticity.

It’s not too hard to become inspired when I get a tour of your home like this. You are proud of your home and treasures, and you want me to know what’s important. I get to see what inspires you, and then you inspire me. Only then, do I think about putting an interior design together in my mind using that special piece of artwork, sculpture, rug, or the grand piano.

Other times, when you take me on a tour of your home, all of my senses are open to receive. I get an impression there is an emotional attachment to a room or object in the room. I pay careful attention to these non-verbal cues, and I keep them in my mental checklist to be thoughtful when it comes time to design the new room. Before I even embark on demolition, I use intuition to infer what you may not tell me. I try to coax it from you little by little until I get a full understanding of your wishes for a new elegant interior.

I never approach a Palm Beach County interior design project at full speed. Only when I am confidant that I fully understand my client’s needs and wants, then I shift into higher gear.

It’s kind of like building a relationship, right? No friendship ever goes from 0 to 100 overnight, and Palm Beach County interior design takes its own sweet time, too.