Hire Best Palm Beach County Interior Designer Debra J Interiors

ALT="Debra J Interiors Palm Beach County, Book Cover"When you’re seeking a Palm Beach County Interior Designer in South Florida to redesign a room in your home or outdoor living space, the question is not whether to hire a Palm Beach County interior designer, but whom to hire.

My name is Debra Stein, and I own Debra J Interiors. I’ve been working and living in Boynton Beach as a Palm Beach County interior designer for more than 15 years. I dearly love making homes in Palm Beach County and Broward County more luxurious and elegant for homeowners. I have many words of appreciation to share with those who have become my clients. When we do get to work together, our relationship is long term. I don’t just do a project for you once; rather, we cultivate our relationship so I can help you age in place.

There are many other reasons why hiring Debra J Interiors is a smart choice when you’re considering an interior design project of larger proportion. Have you ever managed an interior design project on your own? Perhaps it was a smaller project and it wasn’t too detailed?

When you want to do a complete redesign of your living spaces, kitchen, bathroom, or multiple rooms at once, you need to truly consider hiring a qualified, certified Palm Beach County interior designer.

Here is my top 10 list about why I can help you more efficiently than you taking on a project of this magnitude alone:

Top 10 Reasons To Hire Palm Beach County Interior Designer Debra J Interiors

  1. Certification. I am a licensed, NCIDQ certified, professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers. I graduated from the New York School of Interior Design, and my expertise has only grown with my maturity in my profession.

2. National Credibility. I am a nationally known interior designer who has been published in the New York Times ‘Home’ Section; Florida Design; Fine Furniture International; Boca Raton Magazine; Covers of Broward Design and Palm Beach Design; Boca Raton Homes & Lifestyles. I appeared weekly on Décor, public television’s first weekly series focusing on the latest “in home” design trends. The series was originally aired and was so well received that my “Tricks of the Trade” segment from each episode is now being webcast on UVU.

3. Design Philosophy. When I take on a new project, I immerse my heart and soul into making you emotionally attached to the finished project in a positive way. I need you to feel inspired about the luxurious elegance we create together, and I relish that emotion as my measurement of success.

4. Designer vs. Decorator. This goes hand in hand with my certification in the interior design field. I am a designer first and I help you decorate your home. Perhaps that’s just semantics, but a certified Palm Beach County interior designer is more qualified than someone who decorates a home.ALT="Debra J Interiors Palm Beach County, South Florida luxurious home"

5. Efficiency. I have the process down to a science for any interior design project you require and even a re-design you don’t know you need! I work every day in this field, and I have perfected time management to make your re-design extremely efficient. When you consider doing your own project, think of all the details you need to manage in addition to many you’re not even aware of. Now turn to my expertise with more than 25 years in this business…no comparison, right?

6. My Network. Half the battle of doing your own interior design is finding the right contractor and suppliers to work with. I don’t have that problem. My network of dedicated tradesmen has been with me for more than a decade. I respect their expertise and they complete my ability to bring our project to life. They know me, I know them, they respond when I need them, and our work patterns are efficient.

7. Value. I promise to save you money over tackling a project alone. At the end of the day, when the project is complete, you’ll see how fast the cabinets were ordered, shipped and installed over your four-to-six weeks of waiting. My installers work with me on cost because I hand them work consistently. I am treated well by my network, and this translates to value on your job.

8. Pressure. During any interior design project, the pressure is intense. If you were to handle a project of such magnitude yourself, the pressure would be on your shoulders alone. When you hire Debra J Interiors, you ask me to take the pressure off you and onto me.  I do that willingly and gladly. Stress on the job is common; after all, we’re in your home tearing it apart before we make it pretty! Why wouldn’t that be immense stress for anyone? Put the pressure on me; I’m used to it!

9. On-time Delivery. When you match my expertise with efficiency you get on-time delivery within the deadlines we create together. I ensure 99 percent efficiency when working on your project with the goal of meeting an on-time delivery schedule.

10. Listening Skills. There is absolutely no way I can deliver the satisfaction my clients deserve and demand if I didn’t listen. As we age, it becomes more challenging to communicate an idea or design concept. It’s up to me to interpret by listening, observing and putting what I learn into action. I work to make each project unique to the individuals I serve. I offer timeless design with personalized attention to detail that adds a dimension of luxury and delight to your home.

Consider giving me the opportunity to improve your lifestyle by creating elegant luxury through Debra J Interiors design. Let’s have a conversation to start our design journey together. I welcome that privilege!