Flooring And Draperies In Coral Gables Interior Design

ALT="Debra J Interiors, Coral Gables Living Room"When I approach Coral Gables interior design projects, or any interior design project anywhere, flooring and draperies are always an intricate part of the entire design. The ideas come easily to me; however, I take into consideration my client’s wish list. It’s not always easy to communicate an idea, however, and that’s why we do the ‘What I Like’ exercise up front.

Before we begin a project together, I ask you to send me your favorite things. They can be from a website, a screen shot of a picture, or a tear out from a magazine. When I get your favorite 20 things, I can then put together a design style for you. Sometimes peoples’ homes don’t mirror their design style. I’ve seen people put in trendy to keep up with the times when in fact they preferred classic elegance.

What I look for from the wish lists or favorite things is an idea of your likes and dislikes; this, coupled with the shape and function of the windows, leads me to the perfect window treatments for your home. Designing and installing the right drapes and flooring are a pivotal point for the entire room. Everything else flows from there.

Flooring And Draperies In Coral Gables Interior Design

Take a look at this Coral Gables interior design project I completed recently. You can see the finished project in the image to the right.

In this dining room, the flooring texture and colors of the marble make a tremendous statement.

Look at the border of the room; the flooring was laid as if it were a carpet. I used a border along the edge with a variation in the tile, and it ties nicely with the wood tones and furnishings.

The custom window treatments in this room are ornate, creative, and timeless. Notice the pattern on the drapes? It is the same pattern as the chair coverings around the dining room table except the window fabric is a solid sheer.

In the living room image, you’ll see that I used both fabrics to create an important focal point for the room. Everything ties nicely together with soft lighting to further create luxurious elegance.

The stone fireplace with tile accent on the columns easily ties in with the pillows on the sofa. The carpet lends both color and pattern to the furnishings.

This project was a favorite of mine as the homeowner allowed me to create a design and trusted my expertise and vision.

My Interior Design Philosophy

When I create an interior, I visualize in my mind. I can feel the textures of the fabrics, flooring and draperies. I visualize how each adds to the finished product. I touch the smoothness of a lacquer table, and envision a leather sofa alongside. I visualize the colorful artwork that will complement the entire room and become the pies de résistance. I run my fingers through the drapery fabric to get a sense of other accents that will complement the textures I choose. Our journey is much the same. I design to elevate the three senses of vision, touch, and smell, so your visual and tactile senses are engaged when you enter a room.

It’s important to me to help you identify with your values. Everyone wants to be accepted, honored and understood for his or her genuine values. I find that place. It’s not strange or odd. What I design must have a sophisticated, elegant twist so that everyone you invite to join your interior design journey is also prompted by his or her need to inhale, touch something or delight in the visual story we’ve created.

This is what I strive for on every interior design journey. I create lifestyle moments through elegant and sophisticated design that light a fire inside the heart and soul of my clients. I cherish the opportunity to create these moments with my talents, and I promise you will, too. I look forward to that time when we engage in an interior design journey together for it’s truly magical.

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My home and place of work is in South Florida. I love this area of the country, and I have had the pleasure of working with many who enjoy our lovely state. If you’re considering an interior design project, will you keep me in mind? The best part of working together is my opportunity to create and deliver sophisticated elegance into your lifestyle and home.