Moments in Design

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Throughout her illustrious career, Debra J. Stein has designed countless interiors, offering to clients with varied tastes her keen eye for luxury interior design concepts. After so many years in the industry and countless interior design projects completed, Debra brings you her latest endeavor: Moments in Design. A collection of her favorite and most evocative interior design projects, Moments in Design affords you a glimpse into Debra’s deep understanding of traditional, transitional, and contemporary design schemes. Moments in Design is an affirmation of a room’s ability to affect the way you feel simply through the ambiance it exudes. Through her book, Debra communicates the psychology of interior design, the effects of which possess the ability to excite, comfort, and make happy the individuals who share in a room’s chosen décor. So much more than a portfolio, it is a testament to Debra’s growth as an interior designer and her commitment to enhancing the lifestyles of her clients through the realization of their unique design dreams.