Enhancements Create Luxury

Adding enhancements to a space whether that being your floors, walls, cabinets, or ceilings, can create an entirely new feeling of luxury in your home.  Enhancing space can be accomplished by adding mouldings, layering multiple materials, inserting decorative tiles or details, or simply adding color in unexpected places.  The picture below was once a common kitchen, but Debra J Interiors turned it into a spcetacular space by incoporating different materials and details within the cabinetry.  As you see here, lattice work replaces a solid door on the pantry and not only creates interest to the kitchen but is great for circulation and airflow.  You may also notice the lead inlayed glass cabinet doors.  This addition adds a great display area for glasses and dinnerware as well as creates a custom look.

Left Right

Ceramic tiles were also used and inlayed into the wood of this range hood.  Ceramic tile is not just for backsplashes, it can be used as a colorful way to embellish cabinetry.  A beautiful wood moulding pieces was also added to the range hood to complete the look.  A custom look is accomplished through details and these small additions are what amplifies the feeling of luxury.  To view a full room shot of this completed kitchen located in Farmington, Connecticut, please visit our Portfolio.