Furniture & Accessorizing


    • Sofas | Sectionals | Chaises
    • Chairs | Benches | Ottomans
    • Tables | Chests | Storage Pieces
    • Beds | Dressers | Nightstands
    • Mirrors | Artwork
    • Accent Pillows | Throws
    • Decorative Accents | Artwork

We believe true luxury lies in the details, thus choosing the right furniture and accessories are integral to the interior design and decorating process. From start to finish, Debra J will guide you into choosing everything you need for your design project.

We believe in approaching each project through a lens of exclusivity. Through open and insightful communication, our team will formulate a design plan that best integrates custom luxury home design with balanced accessorizing. We invite you to take a moment to browse our interior design portfolio for examples of the marriage between a room and the pieces that beautify it. Our custom home designs dot the South Florida landscape from Palm Beach to Fort Lauderdale to Miami, and as we have for past clients, we are confident in our ability to procure the furniture and accessories that best suit your home or office space.