Custom Bedding

Custom bedding turns an ordinary bedroom into an amazing retreat, shielding you from all the cares of the world. Your custom bedding reflects the beauty of your surroundings and transforms your bedroom into a luxurious haven. Your custom bed should appear opulent, alluring and romantic. Custom designer fabrics, displaying hues of various colors and definitive textures make all the difference.

Debra J. Interiors designs custom bedding to your preference, down to the smallest detail, to make your bedding personally unique and skillfully crafted with passion to quality of workmanship. With our careful selection of luxurious designer fabrics and superiority in detail, your new bed will prove to be the magnificent focal point of the room. If you have a spectacular headboard, a solid fabric will keep the bed frame your focal point. However, if the bed does not have much presence, a custom designer fabric can add visual interest and complement the bed frame. Debra Stein, the interior designer of Debra J Interiors, pays close attention to all aspects of bedding, including:


    • Custom pillows
    • Custom duvets
    • Custom duvet covers
    • Custom comforters
    • Custom coverlets
    • Custom dust ruffles
    • Custom pillow shams
    • Custom bedding sets
    • Custom bedspread
    • Custom decorative throw pillows

As you spend about one third of your life in bed, this should be a pleasurable experience. Your custom bedding will be made to properly fit your particular mattress and compliment your bed frame, window treatments and furnishings. In knowing the importance of perfect bedding, Debra J. Interiors will provide the most current decorating ideas and present you with a designer’s vision that is unique, satisfies your personal preferences and meets the standards of the highest quality.