Space Planning

    • Furniture Layouts
    • Flow patterns throughout space
    • Rugs
    • Flooring changes
    • Lighting Plans
    • Ceiling Plans

At the core of any successful interior design or interior decorating project is space planning. We will meticulously focus on the most creative ways to maximize the usable and unused space in your project.

Debra J Interiors understands the importance of space planning from the allotment of space all the way down to determining traffic flow. We then take our concepts and ideas and lay them out to scale for our clients to visualize and approve. [read more]


To explore creative ways that maximize space in your home, call us 561.243.8000 or click here to contact us.

Furniture and Accessorizing

    • Sofas | Sectionals | Chaises
    • Chairs | Benches | Ottomans
    • Tables | Chests | Storage Pieces
    • Beds | Dressers | Nightstands
    • Mirrors | Artwork
    • Accent Pillows | Throws
    • Decorative Accents | Artwork

We believe true luxury lies in the details, thus choosing the right furniture and accessories are integral to the design and interior decorating process. From start to finish, Debra J will guide you into choosing everything you need for your design project.

We believe in approaching each project through a lens of exclusivity. Through open and insightful communication, our team will formulate a design plan that best integrates custom luxury home design with balanced accessorizing. We invite you to take a moment to browse our interior design portfolio for examples of the marriage between a room and the pieces that beautify it. Our custom home designs dot the South Florida landscape from Palm Beach to Fort Lauderdale to Miami, and as we have for past clients, we are confident in our ability to procure the furniture and accessories that best suit your home or office space. [read more]


Window Treatments

Window treatments serve several purposes to the client: privacy, sun protection, and the desired aesthetics of the room. Custom treatments may include any of the following decorative material options and hardware:

    • Drapes
    • Valances
    • Window blinds
    • Curtains
    • Shades
    • Cornices
    • Solar Shades
    • Motorization
    • Decorative rods, rings, finials, tie backs, pins, wands and motorized window treatments

Whether ornate or understated, opulent or subdued, the design of stunning beds and windows are key components to creating a beautiful bedroom. [read more]


Custom Bedding


    • Custom pillows
    • Custom duvets
    • Custom duvet covers
    • Custom comforters
    • Custom coverlets
    • Custom dust ruffles
    • Custom pillow shams
    • Custom bedding sets
    • Custom bedspread
    • Custom decorative throw pillows

As you spend about one third of your life in bed, this should be a pleasurable experience. Your custom bedding will be made to properly fit your particular mattress and compliment your bed frame, window treatments and furnishings. In knowing the importance of perfect bedding, Debra J. Interiors will provide the most current decorating ideas and present you with a designer’s vision that is unique, satisfies your personal preferences and meets the standards of the highest quality. [read more]

Custom Cabinetry

Whether for your bedroom or kitchen, bathroom or entertainment center, custom cabinetry involves careful decision-making. Choosing ideal cabinetry should be at the forefront of your home remodeling or decorating project.

Debra J will begin designing your custom cabinetry project by assessing your home’s style and needs. We will then assess space allotment, functionality, storage requirements, style and ambiance. Doing so will allow us to better translate your interior decorating ideas to reality. Among the options are:

    • Colors
    • Door Styles
    • Hinges
    • Hardware
    • Moulding
    • Decorative Enhancements
    • Finishes
    • Wood Type


We will present our plan to tradesmen and oversee the home remodeling project. Doing so will ensure that the undertaking of your custom cabinetry, kitchen or bathroom, is precise and representative of your standards for luxury interior design. [read more]

Kitchen and Bathroom Design

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling will factor greatly into the overall plan decided upon for your home. However, renovating a kitchen or bathroom may prove daunting without a proper idea in place and the helpful guidance of an interior designer. Debra J is the perfect interior design firm to take on the most discerning of clients.

    • Custom Cabinets & Countertops
    • Tile
    • Flooring
    • Appliances
    • Fixtures & Hardware
    • Lighting
    • Window Treatments

At Debra J Interiors, we make a promise to each client that the kitchen and bathroom remodeling process will be both fun and exciting. Debra J will create the full interior design package including interior decorations, custom cabinetry, window treatments, tile and fixtures insuring functionality of the entire space. We promise an enjoyable process that will make your journey into the world of interior design a meaningful and memorable one. [read more]


To explore renovation ideas for your kitchen or bathroom, call us 561.243.8000 or click here to contact us.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Debra has a keen eye for transforming your outdoor living space into a comfortable, beautiful place to use at your leisure. We believe that your patio design project should never be regarded an afterthought of any outdoor living space. We specialize in choosing outdoor furniture that works with the overall flow of the home, something that is essential to Southern Florida living.

    • Seating Arrangements
    • Rugs
    • Accessories
    • Outdoor Sculptures and Artwork
    • Fire Pits
    • Lighting
    • Fans

Because we enjoy the picturesque South Florida scenery, we share in your understanding of outdoor decorating ideas for your tropical home. Please contact us for a consultation regarding your backyard design scheme that best reflects the luxury you desire. [read more]


Architectural Enhancements

One way Debra J Interiors can enhance your home is our use of Architectural Enhancements. Features like custom wall and ceiling treatments, chair rail, decorative panels and wainscoting to name a few, not only make a home more custom and beautiful but also adds more value to your home. Depending on your home’s structural and built-in features, we may opt to use some of these enhancements to create depth, scale, detail, decoration, interest, and value to a home. These features can be incorporated within any style of design, including traditional, transitional, or contemporary. These details can be as subtle as a contemporary moulding pattern on the face of a kitchen bar (insert adjacent picture) or a dropped ceiling in a grid pattern to delineate a room and house overhead lighting features. They can also be as ornate as multiple wood mouldings of different designs stacked to create a feature on a built-in wall unit.

    • Crown Moulding
    • Custom Baseboards
    • Chair Chairs
    • Wainscots
    • Detailed Ceilings
    • Decorative Paneling
    • Built- In Furniture

Some other examples can include the addition of columns over an arched entryway (insert picture), wood moulding pieces such as crown moulding, baseboard, chair rail, or wainscot on a wall. [read more]