Transitional home design achieves balance between both traditional and the contemporary decor. By melding aspects of the two very distinct design schemes, transitional interior design captures a feel that exudes a luxury that is both ornate and understated at the same time.

Transitional design aspires to achieve elegance through simplicity through several means. These facets include usage of rich woods, few (though carefully chosen) accessories, inviting and luxurious fabrics in soft colors and furniture pieces. Sophistication in transitional design is a blurring of the line dividing traditional and contemporary living, making transitional home design an elegant option for both older and newer architecture.

    • Mixture of fabrics with traditional and contemporary fabrics
    • Mixture of contemporary with antique-like pieces
    • Pieces that are modified to have clean lines, but still find their origins in traditional styles
    • Uncluttered with significant focal pieces

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