Table-Decorating Tips For Themed Events

ALT="Debra J Interiors, South Florida, table-decorating tips"When you are a guest at a luxurious event with multiple tables with a variety of foods, the first thing that catches your eye is the gorgeous display on each table. Do you ever wonder if you’re equipped with enough knowledge and confidence to try some table-decorating tips for your themed event?

It’s really not that hard, and with my table-decorating tips and your practice, you’ll have a gorgeous table you can be proud of.

Just so you know, I am Debra J Stein, and I own a South Florida interior design firm, Debra J Interiors. For more than 20 years, I have had the privilege of helping people enhance lifestyle through design. Sometimes design means simply decorating a table for a themed event! Well, it often includes the rest of the room, too. In my experience, people never give themselves enough credit. With a few hints from a professional, a step-by-step guide, and a few practice rounds, I’m sure you will be a table decorator in no time.

Multi-Tiered Table Arrangements

Usually, the magnificent multi-tiered table arrangements at hotels and upscale parties are nothing more than some creatively folded cloth and some elevated layers to make things tower above the flat surface of a large table. This provides some depth and texture, and the eye is drawn from the height of the centerpiece down to the layout on the table itself.

Think of a wedding cake. We have all seen them many times. Can you remember your first reaction with a multi-tiered wedding cake adorned a table and looked so stately and gorgeous? The height of the cake, its swirls of frosting at each layer, and the colorful flowers to round out the final effect are stunning. It makes you want to walk over and marvel at the craftsmanship of the baker!

Your table can draw the same reaction. If you want people to be impressed, it is deceptively simple to create an elaborate tablescape you can do on your own without too much complication!

ALT="Debra J Interiors, South Florida, Holiday Table-Decorating Tips"Table-Decorating Tips From Debra J Interiors

  • The very first step is to select the theme for your event. Perhaps it’s a summer kick off, graduation, Super Bowl, Bar Mitzvah, or other holiday party.
  • Gather a variety of containers in different shapes, sizes, heights, and widths. These will be the lifts for your serving platters.  You’ll turn them over and they’ll provide a variety of heights for your food elements. Make sure each is sturdy enough to provide a stable base.
  • Take out the serving containers you’ll use for food, snacks, condiments, dessert, fruit cups, etc.
  • Creatively place your ‘lift’ pieces on your table where you’d like. Don’t worry about being exact, this is just the start. You’ll refine their placement as you go.
  • Get a covering like a table cloth, fabric, burlap, etc. Look for something unique and visually stimulating. A tan cloth and sand would be great for a beach theme. Artificial turf and grass would be fabulous for a Super Bowl party, black for Halloween, or burlap for a spa or natural theme.
  • Select a large element as a focal point, as well as smaller items to sprinkle around the table. Examples of large elements could be a stunning floral arrangement, a small water fountain, footballs in a bucket, a beach ball or rolled up beach towels. You’ll also need smaller items of varying sizes to sprinkle around the table like seashells, sand, fresh green grass, smooth spa rocks, colorful flowers, etc.
  • Lay your covering piece over the ‘lifts’, but don’t leave it flat. Scrunch it up and add folds and layers.
  • Place your empty food containers on the different lifts. Adjust and move things around to suit your liking, because this is a practice session.
  • Place your large arrangement, and the smaller elements throughout the display.

When you’re done planning the table layout, be sure to step back from the table and view it from a distance. Perhaps your centerpiece isn’t tall enough. You can add some sturdy books under the table cloth to adjust the height of the centerpiece. If it’s too tall, and you can’t shorten its height, then perhaps you need more lifts under the pieces nearby the centerpiece to offset the height a bit.

The essential thing is to not be afraid, be creative, and practice with it. Even if you have to take it apart and redo the table three times, at the very end no one will know,

Your creativity will help impress your guests and turn a flat-looking table into something with WOW!

Hire Debra J Interiors for your interior design project in South Florida. If you’re having a glamorous event, and need help designing a room before your event, I can certainly help you.