5 Ways To Find Your Interior Design Style

ALT="Debra J Interiors Artwork"Before you hire a South Florida interior designer for your remodeling project, I recommend  you ensure that you understand your interior design style first.

I am Debra J Stein of Debra J Interiors, a South Florida interior design firm that enhances lifestyle through design. I have more than 25 years of experience with accreditation from the New York School of Interior Design. When I am hired by a homeowner to bring luxury to a remodeling project, it brings me and my client great joy. When my client truly understands their own personal style, that is always very helpful in making design decisions.

Helping You Find Your Interior Design Style

If you’re contemplating an interior design project, you’ll want to be sure your personality fits your interior design style. If your finished interior does not make you happy, then your personality will also be affected in that particular room. It is so important to learn a bit more about what you like because, after all, you have to live in your home!

Step one to finding your interior design style is to understand your own personality.

Clothing Reflects Your Personality

Let’s look through your closet. What is the style of clothing you most prefer? Do a survey in your head about your wardrobe:

    • Are the colors you wear muted, soft, loud, bold, neutral?
    • Do you prefer tight jeans or leggings, tall boots and a tunic?
    • Are you a scarf and blazer sort of woman?
    • Are your shoes traditional pumps or do you wear fashion forward footwear?
    • How about pantsuits, shorts, skirts or trousers?


If your wardrobe is bold and flashy, then you may prefer the same in your kitchen or family room. A brighter paint color could make you happier and fit your own personality very well. If you are a conservative dresser, perhaps you’ll want to stick with classic furniture adorned with more traditional accessories.

Here’s the point I’d like to share. When you hire me as your interior designer, I will know from looking around your home and listening to your story which interior design style is right for you. It’s still a good idea for you to know, though, too.

Helping You Find Your Interior Design Style

Walk through this exercise with my tips below. If you follow these suggestions, it’s a really fun project. It will put you that much more in touch with your personalty and interior design style. Are you trendy, modern or contemporary? Or traditional and vintage? Maybe you can’t put a name to it, but you can certainly look at pictures and say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to something that appeals to you.

    • ALT="Debra J Interiors in South Florida, interior design style"Pick up a variety of interior design magazines like House Beautiful, Southern Living, Architectural Digest, and Better Homes & Gardens.
    • Leaf through each one and tear out the page with the room interior you like the most.
    • If you really detest something, go ahead and tear that out too and put it into another pile.
    • Jot notes on the pages you’ve pulled that you like. What struck you the most? Was it the color, the furniture, the accessories, or flooring, for example?
    • Once you’ve pulled about 10 pages, then look closer for specific items you like. Circle these items on the pages you’ve torn out and use stars to rate the item.


No one should ever be discouraged after looking through magazines. It can be overwhelming, but if you follow the exercise above, you’ll soon realize you do have interior design style based on the patterns you’ll see in the pictures you pull out.

If you absolutely love something on a page, cut it out and tape it to a piece of paper. Begin to build your ideal room with the pieces of furniture you love, and the lighting fixtures you have to have. If there’s a cabinet style you like or a kitchen table or bathtub that looks so luxurious you have to have it, then tape it down on your page, too. The fun of designing your wish list on a piece of paper with scissors and tape will ease the pressure you feel about hiring your first interior designer.

I find these tools wonderful to use and reference. Perhaps the item is no longer available or out of the budget range, and that doesn’t matter. The fact that I can see what the homeowner likes helps me decide how to remodel your interior to fit your personality and interior design style.

We Create A Style Board

In the exercise above, you began to create a  style board. It’s the perfect way to gather your ideas for each room.  Using your preferences selected from magazines or photos you’ve taken somewhALT="Debra J Interiors in South Florida, Traditional French Country Lighting"ere else, I will create a design package. I’ll pin paint samples, fabric swatches and samples of furniture that fit the decor so you can see which ones are the most visually appealing. The really fun part is that we work as a team to fine tune the room. You’ll tell me which features and accouterments  you prefer, and then I take it to the final level and eliminate your stress along the way.

The thing about personality and interior design style is that they mirror each other. Perhaps you never thought about your personality and how to define it, but when you look around your home, you’ll find the artwork, draperies, paint color, and accessories go hand in hand with your personality.

Certainly, when we tackle an interior design project together, there’s more that goes into choosing the final finished product. We’ll talk about who lives in your home, whether you have pets, if you’re updating to relocate or to settle in for long term, and whether you entertain a lot, too!

The last thing I’ll leave you with is this…we will have fun!  I am passionate about what I do, and if you hire Debra J Interiors to help you find your interior design style, then I will put a smile on your face with a luxurious design you’ll love.