Rocking Chairs that Soothe Us

Americans are passionate about rocking chairs, whether rocking on the porch with a cup of coffee, soothing your baby to sleep, or just sitting for an afternoon rest….. rocking soothes us no matter how old we are.
Rocking chairs are also comfortable because, when a user sits in one without rocking, the chair automatically rocks backwards until the sitter’s center of gravity is met, making it very ergonomic.

For the purest these rockers are perfect for the front porch or babies room.

Porch rocker








On the flip side these are made of metal, leather and is fur lined for the sleek and contemporary home.

Contemp chairs









If you prefer to have company when you rock think of getting one of these and you can rock yourself and your baby (even your fur baby) at the same time.

rock a pup










And last but not least is my rocker passed down to me from my great Aunt.  When I sit and rock all my stress seems to dwindle no matter how many emails I have waiting.    Rocking is so comforting that it’s not a surprise they have been around since the 1800’s.

my rocker