My Interior Design Journey Philosophy

ALT="Debra J Interiors, Debra J Stein"Interior design is sacred to me. I am gifted in my craft and a master visual storyteller. With each opportunity to impart my philosophy about an interior design journey, I eagerly share, and this story is my attempt to share with words what I usually share in visuals.

My Interior Design Journey Philosophy

When we embark on an interior design journey together, I find the story within you. I tell your story, visually, through elegant, luxurious design. Our journey is well underway before there’s even a discussion how a final project will look.

One important element of our collaboration is for me to better understand you. I ask for photos of anything you like throughout a home. The images don’t need to be from 10 different kitchens, they can be from a variety of rooms, items or accessories in rooms. I receive pictures from Houzz, usually, of things my clients like. It can be a door knob, window treatment, bathroom vanity, foyer artwork, a stylish end table, or piece of art. I peruse and ponder the 10-20 images I receive and invariably and inevitably find the common thread that connects each item to you.

This thread becomes the basis for our interior design journey. I become a masterful visual storyteller and piece together the intricate parts of personality, design style, color and much more to ensure I always add a touch of my client to every finished interior.

Designs With Sophisticated Elegance

I am not able to design quirky interiors. My designs need to be sophisticated elegance, but I’m not like a writer who doesn’t welcome an editor’s comments. I do take pride of ‘authorship’ (or creatorship, if you will); yet, you hire me. You’ve entrusted me to create a custom design, and I do so by studying what’s in your home, the accessories you have to accent a room, the colors you’ve chosen, and the photographs of your wish list.

With each new project, I embark on a journey with a complete stranger. Isn’t that interesting and exciting?

Few have the confidence to put that fear aside and dive in as deeply as possible to extract the style, feel, wish and want of a person who doesn’t know me and vice versa. For me, that is my ultimate passion in what I do. I have a gift that allows me to extract the innermost feelings about design from people who don’t often know how to express themselves. I help people find their heartfulness about design and what excites them. Most people, however, cannot communicate their vision until after I have completed an interior design journey with them. They say, “Yes, that’s exactly what I wanted but didn’t know how to describe it!”

I Create Lifestyle Moments

When I create an interior, I visualize in my mind. I can feel the textures of the fabrics, flooring and draperies. I visualize how each adds to the finished product. I touch the smoothness of a lacquer table, and envision a leather sofa alongside. I visualize the colorful artwork that will complement the entire room and become the pies de résistance. I run my fingers through the drapery fabric to get a sense of other accents that will complement the textures I choose. Our journey is much the same. I design to elevate the three senses of vision, touch, and smell. Perhaps we add a vase of fresh-cut flowers to a foyer so the first sense to get put into action is the olfactory followed by the visual and tactile.

It’s important to me to help you identify with your values. Everyone wants to be accepted, honored and understood for his or her genuine values. I find that place. It’s not strange or odd. What I design must have a sophisticated, elegant twist so that everyone you invite to join your interior design journey is also prompted by his or her need to inhale, touch something or delight in the visual story we’ve created.

Our ultimate pot of gold at the end of the design rainbow is pride. We each take immense pride in the places we dwell. We want to show others and have them say, “How absolutely lovely.” We want them to nod in admiration for the transformation of a home’s interior to a new lifestyle experience that imbues coziness, cheerfulness, or hopefulness.

This is what I strive for on every interior design journey because we all live up to the environments that we inhabit. I create lifestyle moments through elegant and sophisticated design that light a fire inside the heart and soul of my clients. I cherish the opportunity to create these moments with my talents, and I promise you will, too. I look forward to that time when we engage in an interior design journey together for it’s truly magical.