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Flooring And Draperies In Coral Gables Interior Design

When I approach Coral Gables interior design projects, or any interior design project anywhere, flooring and draperies are always an intricate part of the entire design. The ideas come easily to me; however, I take into consideration my client’s wish list. It’s not always easy to communicate an idea, however, and that’s why we do

Hire A South Florida Interior Designer To Select Trim, Tassels Or Fringe

There are so many luxurious fabrics to create custom draperies. When you hire Debra J. Interiors, a South Florida interior design firm, you can rest assured that your custom draperies will be created luxuriously. Custom drapes, pillows and bedding are the best way to add your own one-of-a-kind personal style to any room in your […]

Top 10 Custom Window Treatment Failures

Debra J Interiors is a Southeast Florida interior design firm. Its clients are luxury homeowners in Palm Beach County, Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and other South Florida communities. When it comes to window treatments, it doesn’t matter whether a home is luxurious or simply comfortable and homey. Many homeowners do not have the knowledge

Trim – Tassels and Fringe

There is nothing that can add luxury to your drapes, pillows and bedding like the right trim.  It is like jewelry for your home.  They come in all colors, sizes and styles from simple elegance to the elaborate wow factor, just like jewelry. When I select trim for my clients I consider my clients personal […]

Drapery Dilemmas to Avoid

 You’ve bought all the latest design magazines.  You’ve pored over them for weeks or even months at a time.  You jumped in and bought ‘ready made’ window treatments.  And yet you hate the way they look.  They just don’t look like what you imagined and certainly not like the picture on the box! Well, let […]

Custom Window Treatments

One of the great advantages of hiring an interior designer is the custom capabilities the designer has to design your window treatments.   Size and style are key to making your windows work perfectly in the room.  Custom window treatments are like a custom suit providing the exact style and proportion to fit your needs.  Customizing not only