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Handcrafted Mosaic

Mosaic dates back to the Greek and Roman ages where, stone, ivory, and shell were used to create decorative artwork. This form of expression has been used in interior design for centuries.  At Debra J Interiors, we enjoy incorporating mosaic into our designs to create enhancements that bring luxury to a home.  Mosaic can be a great enhanceme

Enhancements Create Luxury

Adding enhancements to a space whether that being your floors, walls, cabinets, or ceilings, can create an entirely new feeling of luxury in your home.  Enhancing space can be accomplished by adding mouldings, layering multiple materials, inserting decorative tiles or details, or simply adding color in unexpected places.  The picture below was

Happy New Year!

The new year brings new beginnings and that means…new projects!  Debra J Interiors is excited to get started on the year ahead filled with new projects. Start with your home by renovating a bathroom or kitchen, or even freshening up an area with a new space plan and decorating with new pillows, accessories, rugs, and window treatments.

Top 10 for 10 Years

Debra J Interiors has been in business for 10 years this month!  We have decided to celebrate with our top 10 portfolio pictures.  We carefully selected the photos below based on some of our favorite design styles, beautiful interior selections, and of course poodles.  Please celebrate with us by browsing just a few of our favorite interior

Glass Countertops

Glass countertops are an eye-catching alternative to natural stone and quartz.  Its ability to reflect light creates a dramatic effect to your kitchen or bath.    As you see in the photo above, the translucent beauty creates a light, distinctive look for this contemporary application, but because of its cost and tendency to scratch, be carefu

Freestanding Cooper Tub

There is something nostalgic when you see a freestanding tub in a home, but this particular one by Nottingham brass is unique.  This tub, made using cooper which is often associated with traditional décor, has a sleek shape and straight lines creating an enjoyable spa-like feel.  This piece is made to fit in with your contemporary décor, [&he

Aquarium Vanity

Splash around your bathroom with this unique living aquarium bathroom vanity.  Create your own aqua scene by lifting the sink top, which also makes it easy to clean.  The fixture also has a filtration system and a light found in the back part which illuminates your live masterpiece.   The unit can also act as a display case and […]

Bamboo Sinks

Bamboo sinks are great for a repose, spa-like bathroom in your home.  This functional sculpture and focal point provides beautiful detail within its natural texture.  Not only do these sinks provide warmth to the room but they are considered great for the environment because this material grows rapidly in nature and replenishes itself quickly.

Cork Countertops

A material not often thought to be used today, but has been applied throughout the centuries as a common interior material, is cork. Cork can be seen used as flooring in beautiful historic homes such as Viscaya in Miami, Florida and Fallingwater in Mill Run, Pennsylvania. Today Suberra Cork Surfaces ( has found another use for thi

Decorative Wall Tiles

For the person in search of Art Nouveau tiles, these individual pieces provide beautiful detail to a bathroom or kitchen.  They are handmade, painted and fired making each unique in color and size.  Whether you are restoring an old home or creating a replica, these tiles will provide your home with that authentic look.  http://www.bizproduct