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8 Tips To Choose Best Sofas For Your Body

Everyone likes to sit on a comfy sofa and say, “ahh.” When you choose best sofas for your body, however, it is a skill most shoppers don’t have. I know because I’ve watched it happen time and time again when I was the Director of Interior Design for Bloomingdale’s in Boca Raton, Florida. On the […]

Inspiration from the Past

There are so many things that inspire designers to create beautiful and functional spaces, furniture, fabrics, and so much more. We find inspiration in the great design and techniques from the past. One technique is ormolu which was used in the 18th Century for furniture and decorative arts.  The process of combining copper and zinc […]

Multi Functional Furniture

  We all like to multi task these days…. well some furniture also multi task by adapting to many clients needs by being multi functional.  I believe that furniture should be beautiful but no one should ever compromise comfort or function.  This piece by Corbett Wright is a beautiful piece of art with its floral / […]

Combining interesting textures and colors

The most interesting pieces of furniture are those that combine different textures , finishes and colors.  These pieces are always great to intersperse throughout  a home or office to create perfect focal points and a custom one of a kind look.   The desk and chest pictured above are perfect examples of how clean simple […]

Nine Types of Popular Chairs

Chairs are an important part of any home decorating scheme, whether they are used in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms or kitchens. Because so many types of chairs are available, it is beneficial to learn about how certain chairs are designed and which chairs are best suited to your individual needs. This guide to 9 […]

Rocking Chairs that Soothe Us

Americans are passionate about rocking chairs, whether rocking on the porch with a cup of coffee, soothing your baby to sleep, or just sitting for an afternoon rest….. rocking soothes us no matter how old we are. Rocking chairs are also comfortable because, when a user sits in one without rocking, the chair automatically rocks […]

Stylish Benches

Benches can be a great and fun addition to many rooms.  Placing an interesting bench at the end of your bed not only is functional it is also a great addition to your bed and bedding ensemble.  Benches are a welcoming look for a hallway and can provide extra seating for a living room.  It […]

Handcrafted Mosaic

Mosaic dates back to the Greek and Roman ages where, stone, ivory, and shell were used to create decorative artwork. This form of expression has been used in interior design for centuries.  At Debra J Interiors, we enjoy incorporating mosaic into our designs to create enhancements that bring luxury to a home.  Mosaic can be a great enhanceme

Happy New Year!

The new year brings new beginnings and that means…new projects!  Debra J Interiors is excited to get started on the year ahead filled with new projects. Start with your home by renovating a bathroom or kitchen, or even freshening up an area with a new space plan and decorating with new pillows, accessories, rugs, and window treatments.

Framed Chair Details

Simply the selection of a chair alone can set the tone of a room with the unique details it carries.  The chairs below all have a wood framed design, but each have a very different style and charm.  The flower chair for instance, has a feminine couture appeal, yet retains an understated feeling of casual elegance, […]