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Table-Decorating Tips For Themed Events

When you are a guest at a luxurious event with multiple tables with a variety of foods, the first thing that catches your eye is the gorgeous display on each table. Do you ever wonder if you’re equipped with enough knowledge and confidence to try some table-decorating tips for your themed event? It’s really not […]

Finding the right Area Rugs

Area Rugs are one of the easiest ways to change the look of just about any room in your home. The variety of sizes, textures, colors and shapes on the market make these creations the perfect complement to each style. These alluring items establish themselves as prominent additions that can bring together and have a […]

Chihuly at Fairchild Tropical Gardens

  Dale Chihuly has led the development of glass as fine art. His work is unique and is executed on a large scale which is impressive and delights all of your senses.  I had the pleasure of viewing this exhibit twice, once during the day and once in the evening.  The sun plays an integral […]

Bedded Bliss

We all know that the kitchen is the heart of our homes…..but did you realize that your bed is the heart of your bedroom. This is the place that we rest, read, relax and enjoy special moments with our beloved. Therefore a beautiful bed is a must  and there are so many choices. When I […]

Trim – Tassels and Fringe

There is nothing that can add luxury to your drapes, pillows and bedding like the right trim.  It is like jewelry for your home.  They come in all colors, sizes and styles from simple elegance to the elaborate wow factor, just like jewelry. When I select trim for my clients I consider my clients personal […]

Adding Romance to your Home

As an expert in Interior Design I am often asked to share my knowledge.  Recently I was approached by Plumb Talk for Women a company who is “dedicated to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle…the enhancement of self-esteem in individuals worldwide” to share insightful ways to add romance to your home.  I believe that this is [&h

Glass Room Dividers

There are many ways to delineate space and divide a room to serve more than one function.  You can separate a dining and living area with the use of area rugs, paint color or even lighting.  During the 60’s beads become a very artistic and trendy way accomplish this.   Well beads were fun but not […]

Fashion Lighting

Lighting? Sculpture? Bling? – Well this chandelier is all three.  It provides soft ambient lighting with colored PVC “tendrils” and the tips are encrusted with crystals.  Lighting has come a long way since Edison created the light bulb so you no longer have to choose between function and beauty.  There is beautiful lighting

Handcrafted Mosaic

Mosaic dates back to the Greek and Roman ages where, stone, ivory, and shell were used to create decorative artwork. This form of expression has been used in interior design for centuries.  At Debra J Interiors, we enjoy incorporating mosaic into our designs to create enhancements that bring luxury to a home.  Mosaic can be a great enhanceme

Happy New Year!

The new year brings new beginnings and that means…new projects!  Debra J Interiors is excited to get started on the year ahead filled with new projects. Start with your home by renovating a bathroom or kitchen, or even freshening up an area with a new space plan and decorating with new pillows, accessories, rugs, and window treatments.