Trim – Tassels and Fringe

There is nothing that can add luxury to your drapes, pillows and bedding like the right trim.  It is like jewelry for your home.  They come in all colors, sizes and styles from simple elegance to the elaborate wow factor, just like jewelry. When I select trim for my clients I consider my clients personal […]

Adding Romance to your Home

As an expert in Interior Design I am often asked to share my knowledge.  Recently I was approached by Plumb Talk for Women a company who is “dedicated to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle…the enhancement of self-esteem in individuals worldwide” to share insightful ways to add romance to your home.  I believe that this is [&h

Combining interesting textures and colors

The most interesting pieces of furniture are those that combine different textures , finishes and colors.  These pieces are always great to intersperse throughout  a home or office to create perfect focal points and a custom one of a kind look.   The desk and chest pictured above are perfect examples of how clean simple […]

Drapery Dilemmas to Avoid

 You’ve bought all the latest design magazines.  You’ve pored over them for weeks or even months at a time.  You jumped in and bought ‘ready made’ window treatments.  And yet you hate the way they look.  They just don’t look like what you imagined and certainly not like the picture on the box! Well, let […]

Nine Types of Popular Chairs

Chairs are an important part of any home decorating scheme, whether they are used in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms or kitchens. Because so many types of chairs are available, it is beneficial to learn about how certain chairs are designed and which chairs are best suited to your individual needs. This guide to 9 […]