Trim – Tassels and Fringe

There is nothing that can add luxury to your drapes, pillows and bedding like the right trim.  It is like jewelry for your home.  They come in all colors, sizes and styles from simple elegance to the elaborate wow factor, just like jewelry.


When I select trim for my clients I consider my clients personal style and lifestyle before selecting. Here are a few of my personal tips when selecting the correct trim:

1. Are there pets or small children, if so select a braid or a fringe and avoid anything that can be pulled off and swallowed.

2. If you have an elaborate pattern select a fringe in one of the dominant colors in your fabric as a sophisticated way to finish the edges.

3. If your fabric is plain have fun and try a contrasting color to bring a wow factor to the edges.

4.  If you want a real stylized look add more than trim – add a braid and tassels to your pillows or a braid and  fringe to the edge of your drapes.

Custom drapes, pillows and bedding are the best way to add your own one of a kind personal style to any room in your home.  There are as many combinations as there are personalities….in a world where we all drive the same cars, carry the same purses it is so wonderful that we can still create and have something truly custom in our homes.