Adding Romance to your Home

As an expert in Interior Design I am often asked to share my knowledge.  Recently I was approached by Plumb Talk for Women a company who is “dedicated to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle…the enhancement of self-esteem in individuals worldwide” to share insightful ways to add romance to your home.  I believe that this is important for all women who are single or married.

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In the bathroom, Debra tells us not to underestimate the power of candles:

“You can install a chandelier made of candles above the tub. Not electrical, of course, because that would be against [building] code, but a hanging fixture that you can decorate with flowers as well as candles. You don’t even have to light them!”


Also, having luxurious towels waiting for you is a great way to pamper yourself, she adds.

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In the bedroom, comforters and blankets should be thick and luxurious. Crisp, soft, and inviting sheets are also a must. Debra shares another little trick: keep a nice-smelling cream near the bed and smooth some on before bed. The scent will linger for hours.


“Romance is as much about expectation as it is about action.”

The bedroom is an especially important room for good ambience. Lighting should be chosen to create mood and beauty.

A little well-placed sparkle, like gold, silver, and crystal adds dimension and romance to a home. “As long as you don’t go overboard,” Debra explains, “even lace can fit into a contemporary home without it feeling like you’re at Grandma’s.”